Life Coaching Services at Behavior Resource

Life Coaching Services – Compassionate Listening. Are you ready to talk about you?

Certified Life Coach

International Coaching Federation
Energy Leadership Index
1. Services
  • Life coaching is a wrap-around service for parents, siblings, caregivers, and some clients who are impacted by everyday challenges as well as common frustrations that arise when navigating a special needs environment.  

    Life Coaching services can be provided individually or in group format.


2. Typical Outcomes: Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, Increased Decision-Making, Social Skills Development, Emotion Management, and Positive Behavior Changes.

3. Techniques Used
  • a. Shaping of Problem-Solving Skills

  • b. Identifying Physiological Responses 

  • c. Labeling Emotions

  • d. Clarifying Client-Directed Strategies

  • e. Self-Monitoring

  • f. Time Management

  • g. Social-Emotional Skills Education